Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Is Orange Heap?

Orange Heap software is intended for protecting internals of your .NET applications from any unauthorized uses. It features advanced obfuscation techniques such as: name mangling, string encryption, assemblies merging, cross assembly obfuscation and much more.
Rich user interface application will make possible to configure every symbols in your aplication if it is necessary and command-line tool will make possible to apply protection in automatic mode.
Orange Heap is intuitive, efficient, flexible and absolutely free solution for protecting your .NET software.

Common Features

Name Mangling
Name mangling is a technique of changing names of components of the application to make it hard to understand their purpose. Using Orange Heap you can configure the protection process to apply name mangling either for public components only or for all components in the application. And of course,  you can configure which components should be processed and which should be skipped despite of its visibility.

Cross-assembly dependencies
As a rule a software solution consists of couple of assemblies, which depends on each other. So, applying obfuscation for one of them can break whole solution, because assemblies, which have references to the processed one can’t interact correctly with updated names of their symbols. Orange Heap knows how to process such assemblies in the appropriate order and sequentially apply obfuscation process for each assembly and keeps solution executable.

String Encryption
Text strings, which appear in the code of the application, are the great helpers for the malicious user and they can help to understand purposes of the code fragments. After applying string encryption it will be impossible to use string markers for analyzing code fragments and determining their purposes.

Assembly Merging
Assembly merging allows you to take all the assemblies of the solution and merges them into the main assembly. After that it will be more difficult to analyze obfuscated components and to determine which of them are primary and which are auxiliary.

Rich User Interface and Command-Line support
Orange Heap can be used in two different ways: running Windows Application – can be used for manual configuring and executing the protection process; Command-line interface – can be used for automatic executing of protection process with predefined configuration.

Stand-Alone configurations
Orange Heap allows you to save configurations for each of your application. This functionality will save your time when you need to run protection process for your application again. You need just to choose configuration and run protection process. By some reason you can have several configurations for your application and can run each of them any time without changing its source code.


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  2. Great Work. Just one comment: When you put more than one DLL in the source directory, only the first one is obfuscated.