Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orange Heap Version 1.3 is ready for downloading

This release brings absolutely new UI for Orange Heap application.
Please review updated Manual which is part of installation package for more details.

Additionally some minor defects were fixed in obfuscation core.

Please let us now if you find some problems with new Orange Heap version. This is the only way to make Orage Heap better and more efficient.

Thank you for using Orange Heap.


  1. Congratulations great product (again)! I would ask for a small but simple change to the UI. Is it possible for the next release to have a minimize button?

  2. Will it work with Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition?

  3. Hi Mikalai,
    Just antoher point for enhancement would be to be able to use relative paths in the config file.

  4. Great work. String encryption resists the notorious de4dot.

  5. Is it still under development?

    1. Sure, the development phase is active. We work on enhancements and new features.
      Also currently we spend a lot of time on working on custom requests, which are not part of public releases.

  6. Greet, but does't work together with (if referenced) COM objects...
    Valdis B., LATVIA

  7. Hi,
    I download this program and try to work with it and this program is very easy to use but I find problem with it.
    1. When I chose (merge assembly to single module ) and if my program use at power up some text of bin files it doesn’t loud it
    2. When I chose (merge assembly to single module ) I have at my program error log that if my program doesn’t work properly it write all problem to error log and after encryption it write junk to error file
    Thanks for your help.

  8. I must say this is an awesome tool, perfect, I wonder it would be great if this awesome tool would be free forever... a humble thanks to you.