Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Orange Heap 1.3 release is coming soon.

Our hard and tedious work on the new version is coming to an end. Over the past few months we have completely rethought the entire user interface and rewrote almost the entire code again from scratch. The core of the software remains intact and works exactly as it was in previous versions. In the current release, we have not done the work to fix bugs of version 1.2. We did so for the reason that we are focused on the new user interface.
Now Orange Heap is actually much more convenient to use. We fixed all the issues that made ​​it difficult to work with the Orange Heap or were not obvious to our new users. We rewrite the user manual, make it more friendly and efficient to use.
Right now we are doing final testing of the new user interface and fixing the minor logical issues. In the next few weeks we plan to release a new version 1.3 for public use.

Here you can review new User Interface of Orange Heap 1.3:

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