Sunday, April 29, 2012

The anniversary of the Orange Heap project.

Today, the project Orange Heap celebrates its first anniversary.

Exactly one year ago, April 29, 2011 in the repository of the project was made the first commit. And that this event can be considered the starting point of life of the project.
During the year we have a great deal.

We have created a safe, effective product that is popular around the world. Every week the support site of the product comes more than a hundred unique visitors and the project has more than more than a few tens of weekly downloads.

We are happy that the project is incredible useful to its users. Thank you very much for a lot of feedbacks and suggestions for improving the project and all its features. All of them will be definetely
taken into consideration.

We are not going to stop there and over the next year we hope to show more progress in the development of the project. We have many developments and many new and fresh ideas, which we believe can make the project even more valuable and useful.

And of course we do not take a penny for it. Orange Heap was and is absolutely free solution.
Thank you for using Orange Heap.

The Orange Heap development team.

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