Thursday, September 22, 2011

Orange Heap Version 1.1 is ready for downloading

New version of the Orange Heap software contains few fixes and a couple of new features.

To get more information about fixed defects, please, refer to "what is new.txt" file, which is a part of installation package of the software.
The most important fix related to processing WinForm resources. The issue make impossible to obfuscate correctly WinForm applicaion which uses resources (strings, images and so on). I.e. WinForm without resources can be obfuscated successfully, but WinForm with resources will become unexecutable after obfuscating.
Now I hope very much that the problem has gone away and never come back.

New Features

"Rename Namespaces" option

Now it is possible to choose if namespace should be renamed or should it remains unchanged.

"Rename Policy" option

The option make possible to choose for developer who uses the Orange Heap software how new names of the symbols should look like. There are two choices: "Normal" and "Developer". "Normal" policy means that new names will be as non-displayed names, so it will be very hard to track usage of the symbols in the code, "Developer" policy means that new names will be as displayed names (like "a1", "a314" and so on). In this case reverse-engineering process will be a little bit simpler. So, in the case when application is not work correctly after applying obfusction, skilled developer can reverse-engineer obfuscated application and fix configuration of the obfuscation (i.e. suppress processing some symbol, or disable string encryption for some component)

Update Summary View

To make Orange Heap user interface more responsive during obfuscating "Summary" screen contains progress bar while obfuscation process is active. After obfuscation process is completed new button "Browse" appears instead of progress bar. Button is used for opening output folder with obfuscated application.

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